KadikoySifa Health Group Quality Works


KadıköyŞifa Kadıköy Hospital is the first private hospital that is the National Quality Award Winner.

KadıköyŞifa Health Group chose the EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) model as their perfection corporate management model and worked intensively in order to create value and diversity for the community.

After its initial studies, KadıköyŞifa Kadıköy Hospital showed proof of its work by gaining the award “Four stars Competency in Excellence” in 2007 as the first private hospital in Turkey.

After continually working on the quality area, KadıköyŞifa raised the bar by applying to the KalDer National Quality Award in 2009.

By fulfilling all nine criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model, KadıköyŞifa Kadıköy Hospital became the one and only private hospital in Turkey that received the National Quality Award.

The Presidents General Secretary Mr.Mustafa İsen handed over the “KalDer National Quality Award ” to Chairman of the Board of KadıköyŞifa Health Group and General Manager Mrs. Buket Pilavcı on 25th May 2009 at the 10th Public Quality Symposium held at ODTÜ.

Mrs. Buket Pilavcı said that the EFQM model contributed positively to their reputation of corporate respectability and that they would therefore keep their goal to become a role model for health institutions and would continue to be their own rival and raise their bar in terms of quality.


No matter what the sector, size and level of maturity may be for an institution, in order to become successful, it must have been directed towards the correct targets and be managed with the correct method of administration.

EFQM (EUROPEAN FOUNDATION FOR QUALITY MANAGEMENT) measures and follows up the foundations of Excellence Model and whether or not they progress in line with the excellence and it helps them in developing them regarding Excellence Model thus it is a practical device. By making the institutions see their strengths and the areas of development, it motivates them to develop solutions.

EFQM updates the models by collecting the inputs from Europe and outside Europe which were well tried. Thus, it is maintained that all models are dynamic and reflects updated opinions in terms of management.

Chairman of the Board of KadıköyŞifa Health Group Mrs. Buket Pilavcı has been chosen Successful Health Manager of the Year

Annual award of Hospital manager Magazine’s ‘Successful Health Manager Of The Year’ has been given to Chairman of the Board of KadıköyŞifa Health Group and General Manager Mrs. Buket Pilavcı on June 2011