KadikoySifa Kadikoy Hospital

KadıköyŞifa Hospital founded in 1976 in Kadıköy as the first private hospital of Anatolian Side of Istanbul has 7.725 meter square of closed area and contains 7 operating rooms, 2 Delivery Rooms, 7 Intensive care Unit with 7 beds, Newborn Intensive Care Unit with 7 beds, Emergency unit with 5 beds, Imaging Centers, Laboratory with the state of the art technology and polyclinics which offer standing medical treatment centers render services in all health branches being the leader in women’s health and Pediatrics.

KadıköyŞifa Hospital has patient rooms having bed capacity for 56 patients and services are rendered for all 24 hours for the patients’ and their relatives’ comfort.

KadıköyŞifa Hospital renders 24/7 continuous Emergency and Ambulance Services. The Emergency Service equipped with modern devices provides efficient and rapid life support and assistance for patients thanks to our medical staff.

KadıköyŞifa Hospital Polyclinics provide standing diagnosis and treatment services in all branches at a 24/7 basis. The polyclinics equipped with state of the art devices and technical equipments used by modern medicine will be ready to assist you in all respects thanks to our experienced physicians and specialists in their fields.

KadıköyŞifa Hospital contains 3 General Purpose Operating Rooms, 3 Day Surgery Treatment Rooms, 1 IVF Operating Room, 2 Delivery Rooms.

All tests are conducted accurately in KadıköyŞifa Hospital Laboratory Unit in the most precise, reliable and efficient methods and manners with the use of automatic devices which use the latest technologies. With this purpose, internal and external auditing and monitoring systems are used within scientific procedures.

The specialist physicians procure the most precise diagnosis to be reached with the use of advanced technologies.

The Private Clinics at KadıköyŞifa Hospital have multidisciplinary approaches to various diseases and their treatments so as to cure them.