KadıköyŞifa Health Group provides contemporary, reliable, diligent, welcoming health services at the best quality standards motivated by the principle of “Patient Satisfaction” for the patients and their relatives through the use of state of art technology and the approach while rendering these services is “Offering the Traditional Quality for health”.

KadıköyŞifa Health Group has 38 years of experience and knowledge in the sector and with the constantly renewing technology, specialized medical and administrative staff and multi disciplinary structure renders all medical services at three service points including the emergency services for children and adults, ambulance services, operating rooms with state of the art technology, intensive care units for the adults and new born, preventive medicine applications and other treatment services, imaging centres and laboratory units.

KadıköyŞifa Health Group initially founded the first private hospital of Anatolian Side of Istanbul (KadıköyŞifa Kadıköy Hospital) as its first investment, KadıköyŞifa Ataşehir Hospital in 2010 and extended its area of service in the light of its knowledge and experience.

Our Mission

We provide high quality health services with our dynamic and experienced staff working with the team spirit and we constantly create added value for the society and our shareholders.

Our Vision

To become the leader of health services in Turkey by creating differences.

Our Principles

Being Patient Oriented
• We render our services without compromising from the principle of ‘Patient Satisfaction’.
• We render contemporary health services for our patients without discrimination of language, religion, race, nationality and gender.
• In order to provide our patients’ needs, demands and expectations at the utmost level, we render health services based on the generally adopted standards.

Constant Development in Quality
• We adopt quality as our lifestyle and we target the highest quality in the services we render.
• We have the entrepreneurial spirit open to developments and changes.
• We believe that quality needs to be improved constantly.

Participatory Management
• Our management perception is based on respect for humans.
• Our most valuable source and most important investment is human.
• We provide chance to our staff to be participant in every case and believe that they have the right to tell their opinions and obtain information.

Working with Team Spirit
• We believe health services at the best quality may be provided at the point where the patient satisfaction meets the staff satisfaction.
• We give importance to respect, sympathy, sharing and cooperation in our relations with our colleagues.
• We share responsibility in our success and failure.
• The principles of business ethics are the basic components of our business lives.