1. Why should I choose KadıköyŞifa Health Group?
KadıköyŞifa Health Group offers decades of experience, world-class professionalism, high quality and the best services in affordable rates. During your treatment you will feel yourself at home.

2. How do I contact KadıköyŞifa Health Group?
In order to contact us as soon as possible, please fill in the contact form on our homepage and send it. If you prefer to contact us via e-mail please send your query to byildirim@kadikoysifa.com You can also contact us by phone under No: 0090 216 577 16 00/5240

3. If I do not have a referral from my local doctor, can I set up an appointment in KadıköyŞifa?
Referrals are not needed from your physician to be able to request an appointment. We are able to accept referrals from patients and referring physicians.

4. How do I schedule my appointments?
If you are a new patient, please contact your International Patient Center advisor to schedule your appointment. To schedule the appointment, you will need to provide, your name (as it appears on your passport), date of birth, a description of your medical problem and your preferred appointment date.

5. How do I arrive?
We gladly organize a shuttle service or an ambulance service from the airport and hotel (shuttle service is free of charge).

6. What should I bring to appointment?
Your recent images (e.g. X-Ray, MRI, CT scans,) on CD or on film and recent laboratory studies. (blood analysis and pathological investigations). Please do not forget to bring paraphine blocks or/and glasses for re-investigation of pathology if needed.

7. Where I and my family members can stay during my treatment?
We are providing you several alternatives of the hotels which we have agreements with. We are offering special rates to our patients for their accommodation needs. You can also explore other options on your own. If you are hospitalized, one person will be allowed to stay with you in the hospital room. All patient rooms at KadıköyŞifa Hospital are private.

8. Do you offer Interpreter Services for patients?
Interpreter will be assigned to assist you during your consultation and treatment procedures. IPC is providing English and Russian interpreter services free of charge. If you will need interpreter for other languages please inform your IPC advisor. Discharge instructions, and other related medical documents will be translated to English. (Free of charge)

9. What services does the International Patient Center offer?
International Patient Center of KadıköyŞifa Health Group offers services such as;

• Arrangement of medical appointments
• Private transportation, airport pick-up and transfers to and from the hotel/hospital. (free of charge)
• Assistance with visa requirements
• Interpretation assistance at the hospitals
• Hotel and lodging accommodations
• Advance financial and billing arrangements
• Discounted package prices for uninsured, self-paying patients
• Special services for Spine and Obesity Surgery patients
• Translation of medical documents of performed treatment (English is free of charge)
• 24-hour emergency services, including evocation and ambulance transfer coordination
• Assistance with local tours and excursion arrangements

10. What happens on discharge?
At the time of discharge process, you will participate in a closing conversation with your physician. You will be given the medical report and all performed images, as well as possible after treatment recommendations and list of drugs. After this, you will receive the final invoice and pay the remaining amount.

11. What happens after I am discharged?
We provide assistance with a range of post-discharge issues. Please contact an IPC advisor for more information.