Spine Center

KadıköyŞifa Health Group’s Spine Center provides best quality services motivated by the principle of patient satisfaction and safety through the use of state of art technology. Our highly experienced neurosurgeons safely and effectively correct serious, painful spine conditions. Our physicians have access to cutting-edge technology, which allow them to provide our patients with innovative treatment options for even the most complex spinal conditions. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with options of care which are the safest, modern and most minimally-invasive.

Minimally invasive spine surgery procedures are just beginning to be used in the world. We are one of only a few centers which offer the latest proven minimally invasive options for spinal care. Minimally invasive spine surgery techniques utilize cutting-edge technology to correct severe spinal conditions without causing undue injury to the surrounding soft tissue. Common back conditions that can be treated with these techniques include disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and spondylolysis.

Traditionally, surgeons have performed spinal fusion procedures using an open surgical technique that involves making a midline incision and then stripping bands of muscle away from the spine and retracting the surrounding soft tissues for clear access to the vertebrae to be treated. Recent advances in surgical techniques and instrumentation, however, now allow surgeons to use a less invasive approach with tubular retractors, endoscopy and special instrumentation, making open surgery unnecessary in many cases.

The benefits of the minimally invasive approach include less blood loss, less postoperative pain, lower risk for postoperative infection, less damage to collateral musculature and tissue, and earlier return to normal function and work. Most procedures are done on an outpatient basis, eliminating long, expensive hospital stays and reduce recovery time.

We invite you to experience the best spine care in our Spine Center. Contact us now, so we can organize your healthcare visit according to your needs and expectations.