Pediatrics Clinic

KadıköyŞifa Pediatrics Clinic continuously renders its services with the specialized personnel employed whom you can leave your child to their safe hands. The analysis and diagnosis of all the babies’ and children’s diseases are conducted diligently at Pediatrics Clinic.

The Pediatrics Clinic is dedicated to providing healthcare services for children from birth to 18 years of age. Our pediatric providers work as a team, sharing their collective experience and knowledge to ensure that our patients receive the best care available.

We pride ourselves on providing our patients with options of care which are the safest, modern and most minimally-invasive. We are equipped with state of art equipment to provide patients with the most modern care.

We hope that our professionalism and expertise will be felt by each and every family who has a child being treated in our hospitals. If your child needs medical care contact us now, so we can organize your family’s healthcare visit according to your needs and expectations. You will receive care beyond expectations.

• Pediatric Neurosurgery
• Pediatric Neurology
• Pediatric Surgery
• Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
• Pediatric Orthopedics
• Pediatric Urology
• Pediatric Gastroenterology
• Pediatric Cardiology
• Newborn Service
• Pediatric ophthalmology
• Pediatric Allergy and Diseases
• Routine Follow-up
• Physiotherapy

Baby Friendly Hospital...

KadıköyŞifa has completed all the works executed by UNICEF and World Health Organization within the framework of “Baby Friendly Project” and it was awarded with the title “Baby Friendly Hospital”.

In this scope, the babies born in KadıköyŞifa are breast fed since the moment they are born.