Morbid Obesity

In recent years, the number of overweight people in industrialized countries has increased. Morbid obesity is not only an aesthetic problem but it is also a real chronic disease. People who are obese are at a much higher risk for serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, gallbladder disease than people who have a healthy weight. Obesity is also a risk factor for certain types of cancer, such as breast and colorectal cancer.

All of the people who suffer from obesity do not become obese for the same reasons. Genes and family history, health conditions, environment and socioeconomic factors play an important role in determining the risk of morbid obesity.

When other weight loss methods have failed, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries for obesity can be a valuable tool for helping patients to improve their overall physical health. The goal of obesity treatment is to reach and remain the healthy weight.

Surgery for Morbid Obesity

Surgery for morbid obesity includes options such as bariatric surgery or laparoscopic obesity surgery.

Types of surgery for morbid obesity are the vertical banded gastroplasty, gastric banding and gastric bypass.

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Robotic Obesity Surgery

If your doctor recommends surgery to control your weight, you may be a candidate for Da Vinci Robotic Obesity Surgery.

Robotic surgery presents very important benefits in the obesity surgery field which will become one of the most important branches of General Surgery. Due to the fact that excessive fat tissue in morbid obesity (being fat to the level of being ill) patients makes surgical operations in the abdominal area difficult and risky, robotic technology laparoscopic obesity operations are being performed in a more reliable and perfect manner. In robotic laparoscopic surgeries, some obesity type operations can be performed through one single incision. This decreases pain and the risk of infection while making rapid and cosmetically better healing possible

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Benefits of Surgery on Morbid Obesity

• Most patients lose between 60% and 85% of their excess body weight at by 1 year surgery.
• Hypertension (high blood pressure) improves in most patients after surgery, often within a few days after surgery.
• Diabetes was completely resolved in 77 percent of bariatric surgery patients and improved in 86 percent
• High blood pressure was resolved in 62 percent of bariatric surgery patients and improved in 79 percent
• Abnormalities in lipids were improved in 70 percent or more of patients
• Obstructive sleep apnea was completely resolved in 86 percent of patients
• Improved Quality of Life
• Improvement or Resolution of Depression/Anxiety

Patients with these characteristics are candidates for bariatric weight loss surgery:

• BMI = 40 or BMI = 35 with obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, Reflux Disease or Sleep Apnea
• At least 100 pounds above estimated ideal weight
• Age 18 or older
• Tried non-surgical weight loss methods without success
• Committed to long-term lifestyle changes, including dietary, exercise and medical requirements

Intra gastric Balloon

Beside the surgical treatment of obesity there is also less invasive method to loose weight. The Intra Gastric Balloon (IGB) System is a non-surgical treatment of obesity.

The empty balloon inserted in the stomach is filled with either sterile saline or air (depends on the type of balloon being used and the preference of the surgeon). You will have then the feeling of fullness even after eating smaller amount of food.

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Gastric By-pass Surgery

The gastric bypass procedure is a type of bariatric surgery designed to reduce your food intake if you have failed to lose weight through diet and exercise.

It is a complex procedure performed under general anesthesia. Time in surgery is approximately one to four hours, followed by a one to seven day stay in the hospital. Gastric By-pass surgery can also be performed laparoscopically.

Laparoscopic surgery involves several very small incisions rather than open surgery, which uses one large incision. Once the patient, who has been given general anesthesia, is asleep, a harmless gas is introduced into the abdomen to move the organs so that the surgeon can work in increased space and can see more when a laparoscope is inserted into one incision.

Laparoscopic Gastric By-pass Surgery offers several potential benefits over traditional approaches such as significantly less pain, shorter hospital stay, minimal scarring and quicker recovery.

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Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band is the most common form of weight loss surgery. It is one of the least invasive approaches to obesity because neither the stomach nor the intestine is cut.

The surgeon uses an inflatable band to divide the stomach into two parts by wrapping the band around the upper part of your stomach. Pulling it tight like a belt, the surgeon creates a tiny channel between the two pouches that restricts the amount of food you can eat. The band keeps the opening from expanding and is designed to stay in place indefinitely. It can be adjusted or surgically removed if necessary

Advantages of the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery

• The procedure is simple to perform with a short operating time.
• It does not require any opening in the gastrointestinal tract.
• Safety
• It is tolerated well by most persons of all ages and physical conditions
• It can be adjusted or surgically removed if necessary
• Short hospital stay

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